Quality & Manufacturing System
We will commit high technology with the best quality.

Quality & Manufacturing SystemManufacturing System

It is an manufacturing system of Sungbo Industry Co., Ltd.

1. One By One
  1. Laser Marking per Unit Product(Line Input Stage)
  2. TID Label Attachment per Minimum Parts Packing Unit
2. Set up Proof MFG
  1. MSL Parts Control Program
  2. Soler Paste Control Program
  3. Metal Mask & Squeegee Control Program
  4. Prevention of Wrong Insertion Program
  5. First Product/Master Verification
  6. Wrong Specification Input Prevention Program
  7. Jig/Fixture Control Program
3. Process Proof MFG.
  1. Main Detection Process History Check
  2. Repair History Product Process History Check
4. Traceability System
  1. Product Unit Production History Trace(2D Code) - Production Process and Used Parts History Trace - Tester Result and Details Control
  2. Unit Part Trace(TID Label) - Lot No Trace per Unit Part - FIFO Control
5. Environment Control
  1. Site Constant Temperature and Moisture Control
  2. Static Electricity Control - Personnel, Equipment
  3. Cleanliness Control
6. Education & Training
  1. New Employee Education
  2. Multi-skilled Labor Training(Establishment D/B) - Practical Education and Distribution of Personal Multi-skill Training Card
  3. In-house Professional Lecture Training : Education for Multi-skilled Labor Training - Utilize 4 Step Education and Training Method(BIQS)
  4. Education on Automotive : Education for Core Tool
7. Certification
  1. Certification of IATF 16949
  2. Certification of BIQS(L-3)
  3. Certification of IPC-A-610(CIS/Operator)
  4. Certification of VDA 6.3(Sub-Supplier Mgt.)
  5. Certification of ISO/14001
  6. Certificate Preparation of SQ