Company Introduction
We will commit high technology with the best quality.

Company IntroductionC.E.O. Greeting

We will commit high technology with the best quality.

Thank you for visiting Sungbo Industry Co., Ltd.

We had talents who had dreams toward the best before we had the best technology.
The dream of young people was only one even though individual thoughts were different.

The dreams grew ripe to cultivate the Sungbo Industry Co., Ltd today.
The light of the Institute of Sungbo Industry Co., Ltd has never turned off in the night, which boasts of talents as the best assets.

There are always challenge and passion where dreaming young people are.

President YoungIk Kim

General Status

Company Name
Sungbo Industry Co., Ltd.
Young Ik, Kim
Establishment Date
May 21, 1987
Business Type
Trade, Wholesale, Manufacture
Import/Export Item
Electronic Part, Automotive Parts, Heavy Machinery etc.
Manufacturing Product
Automotive Parts
29 Gongdan-ro9-gil 1 Gumi city, Gyeongsangbuk-do
+82) 54-462-2464
+82) 54-462-2468